Cafe Hopping

Subtitle: Bar-hopping for people who need to get work done.

My goal this weekend was to get all my homework done so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything else for the rest of the semester.  If you know anything about me, you’d know that was a ridiculously unattainable goal.

I barely got all my homework done for class today, and I’m definitely not ready for my presentation tomorrow.

But that didn’t stop me from spending all weekend bouncing around different cafes and restaurants, doing as much work as I could bring myself to.


I spent most of Thursday at my normal cafe (shoutout to mamacoffee) filling out another round of internship applications. I have no idea how many I’ve submitted at this point, but I know the submitted-to-responded ratio is ridiculous. Oh well, have to keep trying anyway. I want to have something locked down for when I get home.

I didn’t even try to get work done on Friday. I woke up at noon and it was already 80 degrees out. Cal and I walked around a bit, visited the shirt sales person she’d met the day before – the Prague Pirate – and quickly retreated back home where it was cooler. Even though we’re on the 5th floor, fans and open windows keep the air flowing and make it significantly cooler than outside with a ton of tourists on the hot concrete. I sat in bed and watched tv/movies for the rest of the day. It was really nice, actually.

You can’t really go to mamacoffee on the weekends. It’s typically full of people, sometimes with a line out the door of groups waiting for seats. It feels wrong, inconsiderate that I take up a table for two with myself and my laptop. So I try to steer clear of the place on weekends. And it gives me a chance to explore other places, other areas of town.

And there are so many other parts of Prague. Kind of like the arrondissements of Paris, the numbers of areas of Prague make no logical sense. I live in Prague 5, school and the Charles Bridge (less than a mile north of me) are in Prague 1, The Globe is in Prague 1,* (I initially said that the Globe was in Prague 2, because I’m dumb and didn’t bother looking it up. Apologies), my favorite farmers’ market is in Prague 2 (south of Prague 1, east of Prague 5), the bus station is in Prague 8 (east of Prague 1, south of Prague 7, north of Prague 3). If you want to see how confusing it is, google Prague Districts Map. Or you can just believe me – it’s wacky. I barely ever know what district I’m in, and if I do, it’s because the address I looked up to get there listed it.

The Globe

Saturday was the day to explore part of Prague 7. I walked around a local park (Letna), went to a restaurant for lunch (Mr. HotDog), I ended the day at the Globe cafe/bookstore – one of my favorite places in the city, though it isn’t in Prague 7. While I was walking around and on the tram for a long time getting from place to place, I listened to my audiobook. I actually finished it, for once. (It was All The Light We Cannot See, and though I had a good time listening to it, I think I want to read a hard copy of it too. I retain things better that way.)

Sunday was Prague 10 day. I got breakfast at a cafe across town from my place (Cafe Jen), away from all the tourists, and wandered my way back for a while. I did go back to the Globe to try to do some more work. This time I started a new audiobook – by my favorite author, no less. It’s Beartown by Fredrick Backman and I love it. It does hurt me to say he’s my favorite author – I’d much prefer to have a female favorite author, or to not have a favorite at all, but I’ve loved every single book of his that I’ve read. And, as soon as I finish Beartown, I will have read all of them. His tone and choice of subject are exactly what I want when reading, and what I aspire for when writing, too.

the sign outside

Today is Monday and I’m back at mamacoffee. It seems like it’ll be easier to walk around this week – not everyone is on spring break anymore. It’s the start of some people’s summer, actually, but the summer break is so long compared to spring that people don’t seem to need to go somewhere the moment it starts.

Part of the reason it’s tough to go do a lot on weekends is that there are a ton of tourists everywhere. Unless you’re going somewhere that only locals know about, you have to plan on battling your way there. Because tourists don’t know how the public transportation system works and they don’t know how to take side roads, and they stop every 2 feet to take pictures. Which is fine, transportation is hard and so are side roads and this city is so gorgeous I want to stop every 2 feet to take pictures too, but it gets annoying when you’re late to meet someone or you’re hungry and trying to get to a cafe or you just want to go home. That’s why I ventured out to Pragues 7 and 10 this weekend – didn’t see many tourists as soon as I got out of Prague 1, really. Sometimes more in the know tourists will find their way to Prague 2, especially The Globe, because it’s the only English Only bookstore in the area, but it’s rare.

Next week is the week I thought I’d take off of school to go explore the continent. I still might, but I don’t know. I always feel guilty missing school, and there are still things I want to do here. I know I’m not leaving for good, but spending even a weekend away from Prague feels wrong now. I’m safe and comfortable here, I know the ins and outs of the city like the back of my hand (or, as well as you can if you’ve only lived here for ~2.5 months). I know how to get almost anywhere without Google maps! Which is an achievement for me – I didn’t even know how to get to my internship last summer without GPS directions. (I tried one time and got real lost.) I promised my parents I’d go somewhere new before the end of the semester, and I still will. Probably. Most likely.

I just have to plan that trip by myself, which makes me less likely to do it. If I was going with someone, I’d be more likely to jump on it and make plans, because who knows when I’ll be able to do this with them again. But I’ll always have me to do things with, so it feels less urgent. I hope that makes sense.

I am technically going somewhere else. We have another CEA excursion this weekend – they’re taking us to Cesky Krumlov for a couple days. Leave Friday morning, come back Saturday evening. I don’t know much about what’s there, but it looks like it’ll be fun. One of my classmates said he’s been before, but he’s looking forward to going again. Which means we’re probably in for a good time. 🙂

Until next time!

Na zdraví!


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